Sunday, May 03, 2009

Last weekend our polymer clay guild brought in Donna Kato for a workshop. I got to host Donna & she is such a generous and gracious person and guest. My dog, Zeke was crazy about Donna & even "presented" her with his bone toy outside her door Saturday morning.

I can't believe how much teaching & learning Donna packs into one of her workshops. Our group choose to have her teach her Subtractive Bangle Bracelets and Hollow Leaf Pods. She also demonstrated another project that was done with some of the canes from the first pieces (sorry I didn't catch the name of this piece, I was dealing with an oven disaster at the time). Here are the pieces I created at/from Donna's workshop.

I know I speak for everyone who was able to attend Donna's workshop (and many who weren't able), that we cannot wait to bring her back again for another workshop.

Our guild had our first Bottle of Hope competion this year, with all the entries being donated to Gilda's House in Dallas. We had three categories, Hope, Nature and Texas. I entered a bottle in each category. The winners were chosen by guild member votes. The creator was not revealed until after the voting. I got first place for Mr. Mushroom representing Nature, first for the Texas Armadillo and second for my entry in the Hope section with Cow Jumped Over the Moon.

I'm a member of Dawn Schiller's group, Fairly Odd Fae. Dawn has been sharing some of her latest Odd Fae, Finding Fae which are done in brooches & jewelry pieces. You can see Dawn's creations on her site, Odd Fae. I had a couple of really old brooch backs in my stash & thought I would try my hand at creating faces in them. Here is one of my pieces.