Sunday, January 04, 2009

My friend Vicki gives me with Linda Ravencroft Fairy Calendars, which I hang in my studio every year. As an artist & hoarder (aren't they the same thing?), I always save my calendars - in fact I have a dozen or so in a bookcase. I decided that I wouldn't do that to the fairy calendar. I really like the images and don't think they should be relegated to a bookshelf. I have a big box that I've had for years (from the same company as the oval boxes that I did on Jan. 2) that I've kept waiting for the "perfect" idea. Throughout the years I've had one idea or another, but have never followed through with any of them. It came to me that I could use my favorite images from the calendar to decoupage on the box - which is what I did. First I based the box with a mixture of glazing medium, pearlescent, white & a touch of gold paint. Next I stenciled a background design in a light beige shade. I used Golden's fluid acrylics to sponge a background to coordinate with the prints. The cut-out images were decoupaged on the box. To ground the whole thing & tie it together, I used a two-step crackle to create eggshell cracks on the box and antiqued it with a transparent raw umber paint. As this box is very large, 12 x 12 x 12, it will be great storage and the calendar images can be enjoyed for years to come.
Multimedia Boxes
Nothing like bringing in the new year with art, such a great start to the year. My friend, Tricia came over for an art play day on January 2. We both worked on mixed media pieces and had a great, productive time. I created three boxes. I had made the polymer clay faces previously, so I had them on hand. I painted the boxes, then the fun began, determining how to incorporate all the items. First I wire wrapped the faces, as I knew I wanted to add other metal accents. I ran craft metal sheets, metal mesh and screen through a Cuttlebug machine with embossing folders to add texture and interest to it. The lid surfaces seemed too plain, so I added decorative papers to the blue & turquoise one and rusted pattern tissue to the brown/green one. I cut the metal to shape, used heat to patina it and glued it all down. An old earring was the perfect accent for the blue box, while circles cut from craft foil attached to cardstock worked for the brown/green box.

I must have put the word out very well that I needed jewelry to wear with black & lucky me, I got several beautiful pieces. From my friend, Vicki, I got two gorgeous ones - one peyote stitch & one accented with drop beads. I know I'll get lots of wear from these (as I've already worn them several times).

Another friend, Nancy (Draped In Jewelry), drew my name in our group's Christmas mingle. She made a lovely bracelet & earring set using crystals & chain. Unfortunately I can't tolerate earrings anymore, but I hated to just have them sit in the drawer somewhere. I do wear necklaces and originally considered contacting Nancy to see if she would convert the earrings for me. The bracelet she made is pictured at the right. The earrings were dangles and I decided to see if I could incorporate them into a crystal criss-cross necklace, as the center dangle - it worked! I made the necklace New Year's eve while watching "chic flick" movies. Now I have a necklace & matching bracelet to wear. The necklace is a choker style and the earring parts made a great accent - perfect!