Sunday, April 29, 2012

Latest Jewelry Pieces

Seems like if I'm not remodeling the studio or working on stuff for ADAA (or working), then I'm creating beading and making jewelry.  I've been concentrating on bead embroidery (thanks to inspiration from Sherry Serafini's books). Vicki & I are going to Bead & Button this year and maybe I can get to meet her!  Here is the turquoise one in progress and finished. I had beads left over from the white one, so I made a pendant necklace as well.

I'm just loving Pinterest and all of the ideas, recipes, advice, tips, etc. that are so easily and visually available. I've not only pinned, but I've used some of the recipes, followed some of the beauty and exercise tips and ideas and created projects inspired by what I've seen on Pinterest. For me, it's a great resource and I'm able to file and organize ideas where I can find them easily.
I found a really cool idea for glass mushrooms (or toadstools) made from pressed glass bowls, plate, vases, jars and candlesticks. I repinned it to my boards and then scoured garage sales and my cupboards to find pieces to make my own. Here are the first two I made. I ran out of E6000 to make more & I'm waiting until this week's Friends & Family Coupon to stock up on more. I used Armour Etch-All to etch the glass where I'm gluing it and using E6000 Adhesive to join them. It lasts well out in the weather here in Texas. I'll be adding more to my collection.
Thanks to the original creator & pinner for the idea! I just love them.
Getting Ready for ADAA
It's almost May which means the All Dolls Are Art Conference is only 3 months away! The theme this year is The World of Make Believe and I can't wait. It is going to be so much fun. Vicki & I completed our table favor dolls and they are on a shelf in my studio waiting to be packed for the conference. I got the idea from Pinterest for the fairy jar centerpieces for the opening night Welcome to the World of Make Believe festivities that Vicki & I made this month.
I've still got to make my costume for opening night, pin dolls, stuff for my sales table, stuff for the goodie bag and finish my banquet centerpiece doll. I started the centerpiece doll yesterday and it is coming along nicely. Better get back to work, the conference will be here before we know it.
There's still time & space for you to join us, all the details are here All Dolls Are Art Conference
Here are some of the fairy jars and the table favor dolls.

Backyard Pond
Year before last we have very cold weather for an extended period and the large rock that is the basis of the waterfall for our pond cracked from the freeze. It caused water to flow out the cracks on the side and leak out of the pond. We had to use pvc pipe to route around the rock & waterfall. Last weekend we finally fixed it! Our neighbor's pond pump quit and she gave us her waterlillies. Now the pond is once again the lovely oasis in our backyard. Here are the results.