Sunday, January 03, 2010

I always have time to create over the holidays and this year was no exception. At first I wasn't sure what I was going to do, but looking around my studio, I noticed several body-less heads and decided to complete them. These two heads are from the workshop I took from Joyce Cloutman this past summer.
The first little head was turned into a tree-doll ala Cyndi Mahlstadt's style from the workshop I took at EDAC. The birdcage is actually a pendant that I found at Michaels from Blue Moon Beads (I don't remember it it was the Tokens or Lost & Found line, but it was one of those). When I saw the birdcage, I knew I wanted to use it on one of these tree-dolls. The little birds are also from Michaels.

I decided to make a wired body for the 2nd head and turned it into a little forest elf. I gave him a bit of a belly. His hat is a piece from a potpourri blend with little acorns glued on top.
His hair is tuffs of rabbit fur and his shoes are polymer clay.
Now there are a few less body-less heads in the studio.

When I made the ornaments for my co-workers, I made an elf face for myself and this was another of those body-less heads floating around the studio. I thought maybe I would try doing a cloth body for him, so I used a pattern I had which seemed to be the right size. Once I made the body, though, it reminded me of a frog. That gave me the idea to paint the body green and add spots and create a frog-elf. I added spots to his face as well.
When cleaning out this weekend, I found the silver leaf server. I think it works great as a "pad" for him to sit upon. I'll have to color it with alcohol inks to get the right color.
Snow again
It snowed again this past week on December 29th. It also snowed on Christmas Eve, but I didn't get a picture of it. They say we are in an El Nino year which gives us a colder, wetter winter. I am not thrilled. I don't like the cold & really don't like the frozen precipitation.
This is the view off of my back fire-pit patio area.