Monday, January 01, 2007

I'm participating in a deco round robin with a group of dear friends. Each participant decides the theme of their book.
The theme of Elaine's deco is Childhood Memories. These pictures were taken when I was four years old and my Mom, younger sister and I visited my grandparents in England. We spent the day at Pevensey Bay, playing in the sand using tin cans and old spoons. Afterwards I remember going to an ice cream shop.

Passages and Portals is the theme of Irene's deco. I chose images of my Nana and Aunt Gladys to use in her book. The picture of my Aunt is from her identification booklet from WWII. I also used a scan from her rations book. I don't know when the image of my Nana was taken.

I also participate in a monthly 4 x 4 fat book page swap. The colors for December's pages was white & grey. I used an image of myself from the same trip to England, taken in a park. I altered the image in Photoshop and cut it out to use. Don't you just love those saddle oxfords? I remember they came back in style when I was in the 5th or 6th grade.

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Lin said...

Nina -- this is fabulous! Congratulations on the blog -- I'll add you to my blogroll! And I love what you've done for the decos!