Wednesday, January 17, 2007

One of the egroups I'm in has been discussing their studio spaces - actually I think this subject comes up from time to time on most of the artist lists. I'm very fortunate that I have a room all to myself for my studio. Originally it was supposed to be the formal dining room, but we aren't the formal dining type. There is a great 6-ft x 6-ft window on the east side of the room. Slowly but surely I've added shelves and such to fit my needs.
The top image on the left is a huge wooden shelf unit which we obtained from a surplus equipment source. The one on the right is the view from the door by the kitchen. My work table was also obtained from the surplus source. It is great - it has a heavy duty electrical plug that goes into the wall outlet to power all 8 outlets built on and under the table itself. It was a workbench from a shop. It also has a built in slanted shelf (it is kind of hard to see from the angle of the picture). The black chair is for any guest artists that come over to play. To the far left of this picture is the window. I sit on the opposite side of this table.

The next picture on the left is the view of my area where I sit. The shelves in that area go almost to the ceiling. Most of my supplies in this area are stored in cigar boxes and are within easy reach. The metal file cabinets hold polymer clay supplies. The image on the right is the branch I hung above the window to display the ornaments I've made or that others have made for me. My fairy with an attitude will hang from the middle of the branch. The branch actually twists - we found it a couple of years ago and brought it home as it was so unusual. It is perfect in my studio.

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Patti G. said...

Nina, your studio looks aaaaaaaaawesome! Love the organization and the beauty!!!!!