Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Last week was another road trip - my stepson graduated from Army basic training last and we drove up to Fort Sill (Lawton, OK) to attend Family Day and the Graduation Ceremony on Thursday & Friday. As I had already finished the mermaid necklace, I needed to find another piece to make. I was working on a couple of birthday presents and needed accent beads for them, so I looked in my lampwork box. I found those beads (and finished those bracelets), but I also pulled out two sets of beads I bought when my friend, Debbie Givens first started making lampwork beads. I added some glass beads that had gathered at various conventions and created this piece, which I finished yesterday.

My friend, Irene modeling the necklace. Her smiling face adds alot to the necklace, doesn't it? She said it was perfect for her - in her colors. Doesn't it look good on her? However, I did bring it back home with me. It doesn't look bad on me either.


Lin said...

FABULOUS, Nina -- all of them ---!!! I love this brown one!

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Nina-your pieces are truly one of a kind-just like you!! No one does it better!

hugs, chris

Unknown said...

NO ONE can do the beading like you.
Each piece is exquisitely unique!