Sunday, April 05, 2009

This one is for Vicki
My dear friend Vicki is my partner in crime at the bead shows & functions. While we were at the last bead convention, I spotted these lampwork beads that were labeled as ophans and being sold very cheap. Vicki & I make things for each other - there is no telling when one of us might present the other with a beaded piece we have made (usually in the locker room at the gym where we work out together). Anyway, I told her if she would pick out & buy the beads, I would make her another necklace. You see, she wears the necklace I made for her birthday almost nonstop - a girl has to have some variety, don't you know?

This was a very fun piece to do. When we bought the beads, they were shiny, however both of us prefer a matte finish, so I used Etch-all on the beads. It changed the color quite drastically. While the beads had been more of a green, the areas that were green were now a navy blue. The background became more of an ochre color. When I went to my stash to choose beads for the necklace, the woods, ceramics and nuts spoke most to me.

Vicki had a rough week this week and I was really glad to be able to give her this necklace yesterday evening to at least end her week on a much brighter note. Everyone should have a friend like Vicki - I'm really lucky.

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