Sunday, June 21, 2009

I found some really cool sprocket gears by Tim Holtz at Michaels. When Vicki & I were at the Grapevine Bead Show in May, I saw some beads
that just begged to be made into jewelry combined with those sprockets. Here is the necklace & bracelet I made. I used a freeform peyote & right angle weave to create the pieces.


Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Are you going to wear them to his class? He will flip!!!
hugs, chris

Elizabeth said...

NinA!!! Your piecesa re incredible!! I love how you ahve used the gears and sprockets! You are simply amazing! do you have any tips on starting off with Free form Peyote??? I ahve been wanting to start something for ages and I know how to do regular peyote but I don't know where to begin witht he free form- A bit intimidated I think!! Would love some advice or a tip or tow!!
Big Hugs!