Sunday, May 23, 2010

How does your garden grow?
This year in North Texas, very well, thank you. We've always done a tomato bed (you can see pictures of previous years on older posts. I've also always had an herb bed. This year we decided to have a full garden. Bennie tilled, composted, tilled, added more stuff, tilled, etc. beginning late last summer. We planted green beans (my favorite vegetable), 4 kinds of squash, zucchini, yellow, butternut and acorn. I've never had butternut before, but Hungry Girl makes faux french fries from it & several people have said it is good. Cantelope, 2 kinds of cucumbers (one is something I've never heard of but thought I'd tried, a lemon cucumber, shaped & colored like a lemon), stevia, green bell peppers, radishes, carrots and okra. We've already eaten some of the smaller variety tomatos and most of the radishes. I picked a whole row of green beans yesterday (I have 3 rows). I have a new respect for people who pick vegetables for a living, by the time I got to the end of the row, my muscles were protesting. I also picked 10 zucchini yesterday. Last night I fixed garden fresh vegetables with dinner - YUM!!!

I know my friends in the northeast are going to be jealous of these pictures. I think most of them are just beginning to plant their gardens. I can't believe it isn't even June and we are already starting to harvest vegetables. It is amazing, once they started producing, it was just a matter of a couple of days until they were ready to pick.

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