Sunday, March 25, 2012

Floor primed
I've been wanting to get rid of the carpet in my studio for ages. I finally took the time off, ripped out the carpet and did a total redo of my studio space. We've been in our house almost 27 years and it was the original carpet and boring off-white wall color. My original plan was to decoupage book pages for the floor (similar to the paper bag floor I did in the hall bath a few years ago), but the floor was way too big and would have taken forever to do.
I thought I would just paint the concrete, but after doing online research, decided that probably wasn't a good option either, given the amount of time I had, tools and experience level. I went to Lowe's and found the answer. 18 x 18 peel & stick linoleum tiles with grout. Who knew you could grout linoleum? It was fairly easy, looks like real ceramic tile for a fraction of the time and cost. A perfect solution.
Starting to add grout
Walls painted
I first painted the walls with Glidden Soothing Green Tea paint. I love this color!
I had Bennie build me another shelf and moved two existing shelves to make room for it. I've taken supplies out of boxes and put them into glass jars where I can easily see what I have. I love my new creative space.
Stereo & Storage
Bead storage on double doors. These hold my semi-precious beads

Found this marvelous twisted branch in OK
New shelves w/glass jars
Making use of space behind door for paints & stamps

Large storage - surplus from manufacturing shop
Boxes on left are glass beads
Pages friends made for me, decoupages on the side of the big unit
I zentangled my ceiling fan blades

New ceiling fan for studio.


Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

what a wonderful space!!

Brenda Hutchings said...

I love all of it...still wiping the drool off my chin. It is so interesting and helpful to see where others create. Thanks so much for sharing!

Lise Steenerson said...

Nina, this looks amazing!!!
Love the storage, love the clear jars, LOVE the floor (taking notes on this one, love the ceiling fan....
What a fabulous creative space to be working in.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful creative space!
Marie N.

An Li Na said...

Love, love, love it! Great Job!