Sunday, February 17, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness, Pin There - Done That

Don't you just love all the great ideas you find on Pinterest? I am proud to say I've actually gotten around to doing some of the projects and ideas that I've found. I thought the idea for an extreme hand balm would be good to make as a gift, especially for my artist friends. The original pinner claimed "makes your hands feel as soft as a baby's butt". It is easy enough, with only three ingredients, beeswax (available at Michaels), almond oil and coconut oil. I used Wilton candy molds with hearts from Michaels to make them to give as gifts. I also made an extra batch to give to coworkers for Random Acts of Kindness Day.
 Assembled ingredients. I used an old glass jar to put the wax and oils in to melt. I put that into a pan with water as a make-shift double-boiler. Once melted, I poured it into the candy molds.
The original recipe called for equal parts of all three ingredients. Put all three ingredients into the jar at the same time to melt.
 They started setting up almost immediately, but I found that it was better to put them into the refrigerator to cool first before trying to pop them out of the mold. Once they had been in the refrigerator for a while, they dropped right out of the molds.
 Don't they look like white chocolate? Make sure you label them well and mention that they are hand balm, not candy!
I bagged them in Celebrate It Treat Bags (also from Michaels)

Add a label on top & your RAOKs are ready to give. To use, simply rub on your hands. Body temperature will melt the balm slightly and you can rub it into your hands.


Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

How cute!!! Great idea!!!

ace teacher said...

What amount of each ingredient do you use? I can't find where I found your original post on pinterest which would lead me to the original poster.

I love the idea.

Melissa said...

Ditto! Help with concentrations, plz!

Unknown said...

I'd love to try these as baby shower favors for my friend's shower, but how much of each ingredient do I need? And do I put all three ingredients in the same jar and then put it in the hot water?
Please help. Thanks! : )

Unknown said...

I've updated the original post with the amounts. Sorry about leaving that off.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious how long they last. My BIL loves the Bee Bar solid lotion, but one full sized bar lasts him a year. I've considered making him some of these but if the cost of one bar is less than the cost of these supplies and it doesn't last as long, I may as well continue with the bar. Ya know?

Unknown said...

@drowningmermaid, it would depend upon the mold size you use as to how long they last. The Wilton candy mold I used wasn't that big. It would also depend upon how many you made. If you only want/needed for one person, I'd say buy ready-made. I shared these with dozens of people and they all loved them.

Lise Steenerson said...

What an awesome idea Nina! I will definitely make those

sandra in SC said...

Thanks for catching the error on Pinterest. It has been corrected.
Sandra B