Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy birthday to me, it snowed all day long on my birthday. In fact, it was record-breaking snow for the day & the year in this area. DFW airport officially reported over 12 inches of snow. I think our area reported over 8 inches. Unfortunately I had to change my birthday plans since I did not want to drive in that mess. Snow is very beautiful as long as one is inside and doesn't have to get out in it or go anywhere. It should all be gone within 2 - 3 days if it warms up like it is supposed to do tomorrow. I took these pictures this morning after yesterday's snow. It snowed almost 24 hours straight. The first picture is the view up the road from my house, except you can't see the road, or the neighbor's driveway.
The second picture is the view out the back door. I love the way the snow made the little antique fence around my herb garden look. The next picture is the view out the front door looking up in the trees - they almost look like lace. We were lucky and didn't loose any branches. In parts of Dallas, many trees split due to the weight of the snow. It was expecially hard on live oak trees which keep their leaves year round.
The last picture is Zeke in the backyard. I was able to get one picture of him before he noticed I had the camera. He acts like the camera is going to steal his soul and will disappear if he sees a camera or if he thinks you are taking a picture with the phone. He was also less than impressed with the snow and like me enjoyed it much better from inside.

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