Sunday, August 15, 2010

I designed a tool carrier a few years ago and have perfected the design as I have made more of them. I had numerous requests to make them to sell and I finally got around to doing that this summer. The one I was using was from a previous edition. While cleaning out my sewing room, I ran into a roll of SewPaintable canvas. This is canvas that was developed to allow you to paint or draw on it and to sew it as well. I decided to make myself a truly unique tool carrier (incorporating the latest pattern). I drew on the canvas and colored it with Prismacolor permanent markers.
The carrier is designed to fold up like a book for easy transporation to workshops or to be packed into a case for traveling.
There is a flap to keep the tools in place while traveling. The best part is that the carrier will stand on its own on your work table, allowing easy access to your tools, keeping them handy.


Patti G. said...

NINA, I LOVE This tool carrier, BRILLIANT and beautiful.......I adore your artwork on top,........something about that form of art draws me in!!!!

Elaine Akers said...

Such vibrant colors! Love this carrier. I saw a carrier on a Martha Stewart CD that came with my sewing machine, but yours is much nicer.