Sunday, August 15, 2010

This year the theme for the Enchanted Doll Artist Conference was Cirque de la Luna, or Circus of the Moon. This theme really spoke to me artistically and I had no trouble coming up with items for the theme. I didn't go for the traditional circus, rather I leaned towards a Cirque du Soleil slant. I designed a prototype for the table favor dolls last fall and took advantage of Michaels Thanksgiving sale to stock up on ribbons and picks to use on the dolls. Once we had the prototype, Lisa, Vicki & I started creating the dolls. We got together first to scuplt all of the moons for their bases. The next time we got together we created the little circus performers. Finally we took them home and finished them, adding all sorts of embellishments. They were voted first place at the conference for table favors! I really did love this theme and felt like it stretched and expanded my doll designs and creations. It was really fun coming up with the different poses for the performers.

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