Sunday, August 15, 2010

With faces painted
Sculpted with air-dry clay
I created a 2nd centerpiece doll to donate. This doll had an unusual beginning. A couple of years ago my secret Santa at work gave me two big, red, plastic ornaments (I don't decorate anymore for Christmas & red is definately not one of my favorite colors). I always felt I could do something with them. At one time I thought I would do a puppet head with a hat - due to the shape of them.
As I mentioned earlier, the theme this year for our conference was Cirque de la Luna, so I made the face a moon, with a blue hat with stars and gave him a clown's ruffle collar. I created an acrobat clown to sit upon the hat.
I hand dyed, painted and stenciled the fabric for the acrobat's costume. (finally played around with the shiva paintsticks that I bought at the quilt show a couple of years ago.

Acrobat before dressing
Since I had two ornaments, I created two dolls, keeping one for myself. The ornaments were plastic soI had to use an air-dry clay to sculpt the moon face and hat, but I used Living Doll for the acrobat's face. I made the shoes from canes I had left over from Donna Kato's workshop.

Donated doll close up
My doll close up
Both dolls completed


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Patti G. said...

ALL of your dolls are beyond words Nina! When I see your clay work, it just makes me want to quit my job and learn clay!

Your centerpiece is stunning, the ornaments made into those head stands are just gggggreat, the moon dollies are fab, ALL of it, super Nina-awesome!