Sunday, November 13, 2011

In The Studio

What a mess - works in progress
Heads on sticks - some are now witches

I've got a really great studio space. It was supposed to be the formal dining room, but we aren't formal dining room type people. I love that it has a big window the looks out onto my front yard and up the road. Lots of the pieces of storage in my studio are recycled and they work great for their new purpose. I also usually have lots of "heads on sticks", heads that I've sculpted waiting on bodies and to be incorported into the latest art doll. I like sculpting the heads best, so there are usually several pots filled with them. The first part of next year I plan on taking out the carpet in the room and covering the floor of my studio by decoupaging book pages on to it. While I have all the furniture out, I'll probably paint the walls. I'm thinking about corking one so it will be a permanent bulletin board and I think I'll cover one section with chicken wire so I'll have a place to hang things without sticking pins or nails into the wall.

Display of finished dolls
More heads on sticks
Supply storage
Wall unit from surplus - bead storage


An Li Na said...

Love the blog redo! When is the studio redo?

Unknown said...

I've started the painting already. The big floor project is the last week of February. I'm taking a week of vacation to do it.