Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm just loving Pinterest and all of the ideas, recipes, advice, tips, etc. that are so easily and visually available. I've not only pinned, but I've used some of the recipes, followed some of the beauty and exercise tips and ideas and created projects inspired by what I've seen on Pinterest. For me, it's a great resource and I'm able to file and organize ideas where I can find them easily.
I found a really cool idea for glass mushrooms (or toadstools) made from pressed glass bowls, plate, vases, jars and candlesticks. I repinned it to my boards and then scoured garage sales and my cupboards to find pieces to make my own. Here are the first two I made. I ran out of E6000 to make more & I'm waiting until this week's Friends & Family Coupon to stock up on more. I used Armour Etch-All to etch the glass where I'm gluing it and using E6000 Adhesive to join them. It lasts well out in the weather here in Texas. I'll be adding more to my collection.
Thanks to the original creator & pinner for the idea! I just love them.


Elaine Akers said...

I started making glass yard totems last year. I am always looking in thrift shops, yard sales, and Salvation Army type stores. I like your glass mushrooms. I am also on Pinterest and love the ideas that people share.

Lin said...

absolutely brilliantly done!!! creative and so 'nina'!!!! great job!