Sunday, October 13, 2013

From Quincenera to Ghost Doll

Ghost Doll by Nina Owens
Remember last year's Quincenera Doll makeover? I had a couple more on hand and decided to turn one into a ghost doll. Unfortunately Michaels, where I got the original doll no longer carries them. You could turn any porcelain doll into your own ghost using the same steps.
Close up of face

I carefully removed the wig and spray painted it with white spray paint until I got the desired look. I also removed the eyelashes and removed the original paint using nail polish remover. Once I'd removed the paint, I sanded lightly and applied white gesso. I used gray and black acrylic paint to repaint the face. The clothes are hand-sewn on the body, with vintage trims added. For the interior of the ghost cage, I repainted an English cottage house to make it look more like a haunted mansion. I got the moss and Spooky Town tombstones from Michaels.

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