Sunday, October 06, 2013

What Almost 30 Years of DIY Landscape Looks Like

Backyard landscaped area view from south side

View from back of yard towards backyard, decks & house
You can hardly see the house for the trees. Yes, Ben's
shop is equipped with TV

From house towards back of yard. Old
metal bed frame covered with Asian jasmine
My husband and I have spent almost 30 years working on the landscaping of our home. It started with digging up and planting red oak trees when we first moved into the house. Once the trees started growing and the yard became more shaded, we added different landscaping features - a shade bed, decks and patios, brick walkways, my pond with waterfall, more shade beds. We've also added a vegetable garden at the back of the property (we have just under 1 1/2 acres). Most all of the features in our landscaping are salvaged materials and not purchased new.

Walkways and patios are built from salvaged bricks, which is why we have various colors. Old metal bed frames are used for trellises for vining plants. The wooden bench and table beside it incorporate metal wagon wheels and rims. The fire pit was constructed from an old tractor tire rim.


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