Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The fairy with an attitude is one that I made for myself. She will hang in my studio from the branch over the front window. She didn't really get an attitude until I added her hair - it popped out then. The hair is perfect for her (thanks to my friend Candace for the boa pieces). This sweet fairy was make for a coworker's new baby. The parents are involved with the Scarbourough fair and have done their little girl's room in forest & fairies - what a lucky little girl. This fairy is made to hang and I thought would make a perfect gift for them.

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Patti G. said...

Nina, your fairies are just pppppppprecious! I love them! The one on the side with the wild hair is a scream!!!!!!!! Mischievious I think! heeeeeeeeeeee!
Your studio looks fab and the branch too!!! WOW!