Sunday, October 18, 2009

A while back I took an online class from Cindee Moyer, Equestrienne. I did really well on the horse (or should I say relatively), but I never did get around to doing the doll that goes with the horse. The flower dancer doll (Cyndi Mahlstadt style) goes perfectly on the horse. This was the doll that I created when the gals came over in August after EDAC that I mentioned in an earlier post. I've really enjoyed this method of making dolls and have created several of them since the conference. The doll in the center (largest one with the skinny legs) is the one I created in Cyndi's class at EDAC. The one on the right I started the day the gals were here for our doll "play day". The one on the left I tried something a little different and painted her eyes open instead of closed.

Here are some more images of the flower dancer dolls I've made, including the whole gang & close ups of some of them.


Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Loving all of your new posts!!! Everything you have made is fabulous! I love the dolls!!! Your work is incredible! Your hair is getting long!!! You look wonderful!!
hugs chris

SweetErGallery said...

These dolls look wonderful and a lot of fun to make. I'll try to track down and see if she has a pattern or online class on them.

Julie Renee Holland said...

Thanks for sharing. I love these dolls