Sunday, October 14, 2012

Another Birdcage Doll
     Every year I create another art doll witch. I had a fabulous tall birdcage that I bought earlier this year at Michaels that I decided to use to create this year's version. I started her on one of our Saturday Art Play Days at my house. When I got to pulling fabrics for her, I ran into a heathered knit I'd gotten a few years ago for a great price. It worked perfectly for a cardigan-style top for her, but totally blew my idea for a witch. As often happens with art dolls, she took an entirely different direction. Thus my turn-of-the-century gothic doll. Here are the steps I/she took to evolve.

Wiring & adding head
Adding batting

Finished doll
Detail of potions, etc. in cage

1 comment:

Lise Steenerson said...

She looks pretty witchy to me !!

This is another amazing project you have completed, you are so talented Nina!!