Monday, November 03, 2014

Antique Birdcage Makeover for Home Office
My friend, Jo Pearson had a fabulous garage sale earlier this year and I picked up a very unusual and large vintage birdcage from her.  
Vintage Birdcage before upcycling
Vintage Birdcage
When I bought it, I wasn't sure where I would use it, but I found a perfect spot when I was planning my home office makeover. I needed to update the color from the federal blue to match my color scheme, Martha Stewart Crafts Vintage Decor Paint in cantaloupe and terra cotta.
Martha Stewart Crafts Vintage Decor Paint
Paint Supplies

I wanted to leave the metal bars, as they have a nice aged patina to them, but needed to paint all of the blue - it was a challenge getting into all of the crevices. Luckily the bottom of the cage was removable. You can't see in the picture, but it isn't solid, just wooden bars. I'm saving it for another project.
Upcycle vintage birdcage with Martha Stewart Vintage Decor Chalk Paint
Painting over the blue

I painted the birdcage with the terra cotta chalk paint and the roof with cantaloupe. I used the antique wax over the whole piece. The roof was stenciled with cantaloupe in a scallop pattern to add more detail.

Stenciling roof
I dry-brushed cantaloupe on the piece to give it more dimension. It was finished by rubbing a coat of clear wax to seal and protect. 

Vintage Birdcage Upcycle for Home Office
Vintage Birdcage Upcycle for Home Office

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