Tuesday, November 04, 2014

More Americana Chalky Decor Paint Makeovers
Sink cabinets before painting
Linen storage cabinets
Given how pleased we were in the difference the china cabinet makeovers and how easy it is to use the Americana Chalky Decor Paint and Wax, I decided to update my guest bathroom. The cabinets were the original finish and have 30 years of wear and tear. This bathroom is an interior room and narrow so it is impossible to get an image of the full room.

I was also inspired by some cabinet makeovers I'd seen on Hometalk where they had added decorative wood appliques to the doors. I found the larger ones at Lowes and the ones for the sink cabinets at Michaels.

ArtMinds Decorative Wood Appliques
Doors with 3 coats of Americana Decor Chalky Paint - Lace

Wood Applique glued to center of door

Finished medicine chest with Crackle with American Decor Chalky Finish Paint on medicine chest
Medicine Chest

Crackle detail on medicine cabinet
Crackle Detail

Finished Bathroom with American Decor Chalky Finish Paint
Bathroom Upcyle with Decor Chalk Paint
One of the great things about this paint is that you really do not have to sand! I found it actually worked better not to sand.  It takes 3 coats of paint to give the coverage that I liked. American Decor Chalky Finish Paint  dries quickly between coats so you can finish your project in a day or weekend. Once you have the coverage you want, brush on the antique wax and wipe it off. Too dark? Simply spritz with water to wipe off more. Allow wax to dry and either brush or rub on clear wax to seal. I prefer to rub it on with an old sock. Buff with a soft rag and stand back and admire your piece. Want a more distressed look? You can sand either before or after the antique wax coat. I choose not to distress. I'm not sure why, though I think it has something to do with a reaction to the varnish, but the paint on the medicine cabinet crackled. I left it, as I love the crackle look. It was strange that this was the only area that crackled, as all of the cabinets and finishes are the same.
Finished Bathroom detail with American Decor Chalky Finish Paint
Detail on Linen Cabinet

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